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Marble trading
since 1970

Since 1970, the company Tognocchi Carlo Marmi has been trading marbles from the most prestigious quarries in Carrara. A long experience in the selection and marketing of the best blocks, of unquestioned quality, in the apuan area.

Tognocchi Carlo Marmi grew over the years thanks to the family experience and passion for this craft. Today, it is made up of an expert team able to responding to requests from all over the world

Warehouse always stocked all year round for any quality and quantity (even large quantities and for urgent boarding).


Our business focuses exclusively on unimpaired, raw and cracked blocks coming from our zone


mappa mondo mercati tognocchi marmi

Our rough blocks are sold and
appreciated all over the world

Handling about 50,000 tons per year of rough blocks;
warehouse always provided all year round for
any quality and any quantity.